Presence on the Web

Presence on the Web

Up to now my presence on the web has been mostly via my own web site – and MySpace, although I am also on Facebook

However now that MySpace has become a clusterf**k that has to change. This site, as mentioned on other pages, is one way.

I am open to suggestions from friends.

I have, for example, never joined any poetry groups on the web, believing that with MySpace on the web and Leeds Writers’ Circle in the real world I had sufficient input to my poetry. I had also to be aware of restrictions on my time.

If any of you have any suggestions let me know please.

August 2010


5 Responses to “Presence on the Web”

  1. Hi David, I just went to the other site (I mean your website) and it is lovely. 🙂 , your poem “Reality” stealing the show there!

    What on earth is a clusterf**k ? (Love the English language! )

    I wonder how you are doing now and wishing you the best,

    • *Smile*

      Thank you Ina,
      I used to start all my readings with the ‘Reality’ poem. It was my signature poem if you like 🙂

      “Clusterf**k” is a word I learnt from my American friends – wonderful word – which, I think, describes everything going wrong all at once. It is not in my Oxford English Dictionary but I will Google it and get back to you 🙂

      I am doing well thank you.
      And you?


      • clusterfuck
        Military term for an operation in which multiple things have gone wrong. Related to “SNAFU” (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”) and “FUBAR” (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair).

        In radio communication or polite conversation (i.e. with a very senior officer with whom you have no prior experience) the term “clusterfuck” will often be replaced by the NATO phonetic acronym “Charlie Foxtrot.”
        By the time the artillery came in the enemy was already on top of us. It was a total clusterfuck.

      • I am fine. 🙂 Clusterfine?

      • Thanks for explaining the word 🙂

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